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A hedonist with devoted love for technology. I will be bringing you the latest tech news & product reviews. In my spare time I like to travel and explore the world.
boxee tv

Boxee to Consumers: More Service Calls For You

Boxee is one of the most creative streaming media company. Over the years, they had some pretty awesome ideas. This corporation is poised to release their TV, a place and time shifting streaming media...
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Leading by Example — Closing the FCC’s Title II Reclassification Proceeding

White House’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Internet Policy, Daniel Weitzner, and U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Karen Kornbluh have made an important case for creating an international consensus...

Usage-Based Pricing and the Flexibility to Innovate

Usage-based pricing is definitely not a new concept, but it’s not a massively adopted one either. Quite a bit of dust has been risen over the usage-based pricing method, especially after FCC Chairman Julius...
internet and searching

Level 3’s Appeal for Government Intervention Is Unwarranted

The Internet is an amazing platform for all kinds of things including research, watching movies, listening to music, reading about history, etcetera. However, misunderstandings happen from time to time, especially between big companies and...

Cable’s Response to the Consumers Union

Any type of transition from obsolete to new technology is usually welcomed by the vast majority of users. However, when some services like Cable decide to make a change, the sheer size of the...
closeup of a tv remote

Taking on a la carte

The Cable business is quite a dynamic environment and as such it’s susceptible to changes. On top of that, most of us know that changes aren’t always a good thing, especially if it’s a...

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