Phanteks Evolv X - Computex 2018
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Founded in 2007 in the Netherlands, Phanteks is undoubtedly one of the most well-known manufacturers of PC cases and case accessories. It’s no wonder that the company sports a good reputation right from the beginning – their cases are not only well-designed but also functional and often quite innovative.

The Evolv X is a good example – this all-new Phanteks case keeps the aesthetics the manufacturer is well-known for while still having a completely redesigned interior that allows for more versatility and spaciousness.

When compared with the older Evolv model, the Evolv X still has the same size, but its interior provides the user with more space for storage and cooling while adding a second mount position for a mini-ITX system at the top part of the chassis. In other words, this is a dual-system chassis sporting a mid-tower size.

How does this configuration work? One is able to slot an optional mini-ITX bracket into the case’s top part (you can put a radiator there, too), while the I/O cutout at the same place has the purpose of supporting the second motherboard.

Phanteks Evolv X - Built system
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The company has also decided to include a pretty long riser cable in order to route the PCI-express slot from the chassis’ top to the bottom, where there’s extra room for an offset GPU that won’t present an obstacle for the user’s main system.

This is definitely the most significant feature of Evolv X, but not the only one – the case sports a plethora of additions and changes that effortlessly turn it into a PC enthusiast’s paradise. Let’s have a closer look at them:

  • When compared to the original Evolv chassis, the X model features five times more surface area for the airflow up top and three times for the airflow around the frontal panel. The thing that makes this possible is the model’s redesigned face, as well as the vents that still sport the original look.
  • The model features a new radiator bracket up top. It notches into place for straightforward installation and is also easily removable.
  • Evolv X’s panels successfully hide the cable management area. They are held in place by the usual thumbscrews, but they also slide toward the frontal panel to provide the user with more room for cable routing.
  • There’s even more cable cleanup at the back of the unit, while the two big fold-out panels hide everything that needs to be hidden in the frontal half of the chassis. They double as mounts and allow up to nine 2.5″ SSDs.
  • The front face of Evolv X includes a new fan controller, as well as the new RGB strips and a USB-C port. Liquid cooling fill and drain ports have also been added.

 Check out this amazing video from BitWit covering the Evolv X

At $200, the Evolv X is among the most versatile mid-towers we’ve seen so far. It comes out in August and its outstanding number of impressive new features is bound to make it a best-seller – we certainly can’t wait to build in it.

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