Lilliput 7-inch LCD USB Video Monitor UM70 overview

Lilliput is well-known for their small portable monitors, light enough that you can bring them with you everywhere. This time, we are reviewing the Liliput 7″ portable screen called UM70, which comes at a reasonable price and a lightweight construction. It’s one of the lightest models we’ve found (some other models are mentioned in our main guide that you can find here), which makes it an excellent choice for the travelers who like to keep their bags/backpacks as light as possible. Let’s take a closer look at its features!

Lilliput 7-inch UM70 turned off

Features of Lilliput 7-inch Monitor

Due to its low weight, the model does not possess a sturdy construction – it’s made out of plastic, but it still feels quite comfortable to hold it in the hands. The overall design is as minimalistic as possible. There are just a few buttons on the front side, while the device’s rear side contains the ports and the metallic stick that acts as the monitor’s stand. The UM70 doesn’t require a VGA cable or a power cord – all that you need is a USB cable which will transfer both the video signal and the power to the device.

The 7-inch LCD display isn’t the best one so far, but it certainly does its job well. It sports the 800 x 480 resolution (WVGA), an aspect ratio of 16:9, and the contrast ratio of 250:1. This screen is pretty good for things such as: sending e-mails or organizing and updating spreadsheets, due to its screen rotation function. The video, on the other hand, isn’t as good looking as it is on some other devices – that’s just the price of a lower resolution. Along with the monitor, the package also contains a few accessories – like the USB cable or the disk with the necessary drivers.

portrait and landscape position of the liliput 7 UM70


  • Dimensions – 7.8″ x 1″ x 4.8″

  • Weight – 1 pound

  • Screen size – 7 inches

  • Screen resolution – 800 x 480

  • Color – Black

What’s wrong with it?

Like we already said, the UM70 comes with a resolution that just doesn’t fly anymore – people are used to at least 720p, if not even 1080p standard. Also, some people probably won’t like the cheap-looking construction, but that’s simply the consequence of the device’s price category.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • Screen rotation function
  • USB-powered


  • Low resolution
  • Cheap construction
liliput 7 back


This is not the ultimate portable monitor on the market, but it still possesses some qualities that make it worth considering for purchase. The best thing about UM70 is how lightweight it is – it’s a perfect choice for those looking for a portable monitor that won’t add considerable weight to their bags or backpacks. Its 800 x 480 screen is capable of handling all sorts of media, although not everything looks great on it. But still, if you’re constantly on-the-go and need a lightweight secondary screen for your laptop, we think that the Lilliput UM70 is a viable solution.


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