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The Cosmos series is one of Cooler Master’s most famous ranges of PC cases – its legacy stretches back over 20 years. Nostalgia is a significant factor here, and we’re always pleased to be reminded of the classic design of these popular cases.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Cosmos C700P, an attractive model with a load of RGB lighting features and a beautiful tempered glass panel (see our full list of cases with tempered glass here if you’d like). It’s a massive case that’s guaranteed to provide the owner with the ability to showcase his hardware, and that just might be the thing you’re looking for. Read on!

Interesting Features of the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Measuring 639 x 306 x 651mm and weighing 26.2kg, the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P is undoubtedly one of the currently largest cases. One thing that makes it unique is the fact that you can completely disassemble the whole thing, all the way to the skeleton frame.

This allows the owner to rearrange the hardware how he sees fit, and that even includes things like inverting the whole layout without any worries. The rear and the front panel of C700P are made out of curved, tinted glass, emitting a particular mirror effect. Once the interior lighting is turned out, these glass panels really give the PC an outstanding look.

Master Cosmos C700P PRODUCT IMAGEThe frontal I/O panel has four USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 port, large power & reset buttons, as well as the microphone and the 3.5mm headphone jack. There’s also one special button – it’s the high & low switch for controlling the RGB controller and the built-in fan. Upon opening the case, one of the first things to notice is how well the power supply shroud hides the cables. The same could be said for mounting an SSD – not only does it look good, but also allows the owner to hide even more wires.

There are two 3.5″ bays for your HDDs or SSDs, a power supply mounting bracket, and a motherboard tray with holes for EATX, ATX, ITX, and MATX motherboards. Liquid cooling is not a problem here, as there’s more than enough space for any form of it – which is crucial for the overclockers.


  • Dimensions (mm): 639 x 306 x 651

  • Weight 26.2 kg

  • Front Panel: 1 x USB 3.1, 4 x USB 3.0, Audio In & Out, RGB & Fan Speed controls

  • Material: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Tempered Glass

  • Maximum graphics card length: 490mm

  • Fan Support: Top – 3 x 120/140mm; Bottom – 2 x 120/140mm; Front – 3 x 120/140mm; Rear – 1 x 120/140mm


  • Outstanding curved-glass panel
  • Option to rearrange the hardware to your liking
  • Integrated RGB lighting


  • Quite expensive
  • Can get noisy if you run the fans fast
Product image of Master Cosmos C700P


The C700P is, in our opinion, a fantastic case, and it’s a delight to build in it. It has almost everything that a PC enthusiast might need, and that includes a design that’s guaranteed to attract attention. We like it!


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