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Phanteks Halos

When it comes to PC accessories, rare are the companies who are as famous and popular as the Phanteks is. Based in Netherlands, this company manufactures things like PC cases, power supplies, water cooling systems, and, of course, computer fans and the RGB lighting systems.

We’ll be taking a look at their new Halos RGB Fan Frames, which are an affordable solution for illuminating any of 120mm or 140mm fans in your system. Instead of replacing whole fans, you can just add these frames to them and get an instant light show. Let’s check them out!

Interesting Features of the Phanteks Halos RGB Fan Frame

Like we already said, this frame can be purchased in both the 120mm and the 140mm version, with both variants coming at the same, affordable price. The primary construction material here is plastic, but you shouldn’t have any worries about the durability – Phanteks made them sturdy and resistant to breaking. The illumination is allowed by the presence of high-density LEDs that are embedded into the lining of these frames, surrounding their openings and shining directly onto the blades. This results in a bright ambient glow – we were quite pleased with the results during our testing period, and we have no complaints about the overall functionality.

The frames come together with the appropriate mounting screws, allowing you to easily mount them directly onto your fans. The PC enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the kits are compatible with Mystic Light, Aura Sync, RGB Fusion, and other similar software, which makes RGB synchronization a piece of cake. The cable routing is yet another well-done thing here, as well as the fact that you can use these frames with your all-in-one coolers, radiators, and other hardware. Professional system builders will also appreciate the possibility to add some lighting to the exhaust sides of their fans.

The new HALOS frames could save you a lot of money on your new system build – just add a couple of them to your fans, and you’ll be getting a budget-friendly RGB lighting solution.

Phanteks Halos Frame illuminated examples


  • Type of product: Fan frame

  • Dimensions (140mm): 5.5″ x 0.2″ x 5.5″

  • Weight (140mm): 2.1 ounces

  • Shipping weight (140mm): 3.8 ounces

  • Material: Plastic

  • Accessories: Screws, Cable


  • High-density LEDs
  • Bright ambient glow
  • Compatible with most RGB software
  • Reasonable price


  • Poorly packed
  • Not too many accessories
displayed product and packaging of Phanteks Halos Frame


One of the most obvious advantages of having a standalone fan frame is the ability to add some RGB lighting to fans that weren’t originally equipped with it. The Phanteks Halos RGB Fan Frames will allow you to do that for a low price and in a matter of minutes – just screw them on, connect the cable, choose your favorite preset from the RGB software, and that’s it. Custom lighting effects are becoming more and more popular as the years go by, and if you’d like to hop on that train right now, the Halos Fan Frames are an excellent choice.



Photo Credit: Phanteks

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