overview of the ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor

Who hasn’t heard about ASUS? Computer hardware manufactured by this Taiwanese company is among the most highly-sought in the world, and for a reason. This time, we’ll be taking a look at their ASUS MB168B portable monitor. It’s a thin and lightweight device that’s made for those who travel a lot and want to add more screen real estate to their laptops (you can learn more here). It comes with a number of advantages that make it a device worth considering for purchase – let’s see them!

Features of ASUS MB168B

The thing that makes this portable monitor very similar to other ASUS devices is the design – it reminds us of their Zenbook laptops. The model also features that well-known dark black metallic color, with a big ASUS logo on the lower bezel. It weighs only 800 grams, which makes carrying it very easy and convenient. Unlike some other portable monitors, this one doesn’t require a power cord – all you need is a USB cable. The screen is powered through the USB 3.0 port and removes the need for additional power adapters or cables. Above the USB port, you will find a power button and the brightness control rocker.

The display of this model is good – it’s a 15.6″ panel featuring a 1366 x 768 resolution, as well as the aspect ratio of 16:9 and the contrast ratio of 500:1. This will be sufficient for most tasks; whether you want to dive in spreadsheets or watch a movie (the auto-rotate function is very handy here). The protective sleeve is a convenient accessory for this model, which can also be transformed into a stand. And the presence of the 3-feet long USB 3.0 cord is more than enough for you to connect your laptop and make a comfortable working space.

ASUS MB168B Monitor front and back


  • Dimensions – 9.3″ x 14.9″ x 0.3″

  • Weight – 1.8 pounds

  • Screen size – 15.6 inches

  • Screen resolution – 1366 x 768

  • Color – Black


  • Great design
  • Lightweight
  • USB-powered
  • Large and crisp display
  • Auto-rotate function


  • Stand takes a lot of space for some users
  • USB cable can be too short sometimes

What’s wrong with it?

Even though the protective sleeve is a really good thing to have, for some people it could take more space on the desk when used as a stand.

ASUS MB168B bottom view


In conclusion, we think that the ASUS MB168B is an great solution for those looking to extend their laptop’s display. The device has some shortcomings, yes, but they’re nothing when compared to its advantages. The ASUS MB168B has a large screen that’s perfect for all sorts of operations – writing, watching videos, gaming, and other things. It sports a handy USB 3.0 port that makes it very energy-efficient, as well as the protective sleeve that makes watching movies an enjoyable experience.


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