RGB strip lighting beginners guide

If you have made up your mind on giving a new look to your gaming tower, you have come to the right place for sure. With our guide, you will learn all about how you can give your PC a little LED flair. Before you do anything, you need to come up with the right components in order to arm your PC case with a modern and killer look.

Gaming performance is the only thing you care about so we will help you to optimize it. RGB lighting is a great entry to the customization of your PC.

Once you get around things, you will notice that theming your PC around a particular color scheme can be really fun and interesting as well. RGB lighting is a bit of a procedure to install but, the result is more than satisfying.

RGB strip lighting goes the best with tempered glass cases so, you need a frame for showcasing your RGB lighting. This light goes well with spacious and very open cases, and it provides those cases with a smooth lighting distribution. If you like custom builds and water cooling solutions, it is even better.

Case color is also imperative. Your lights need to match the exterior of your case. Black is the most recommended color because it goes great with all other lighting colors.

You might want to consider getting a full glass side panel window (here are some of our ultimate TG picks). It will give your case the overall classier look and emphasize your lighting. PSU shroud is also critical. If you want to hide some of your components, you can use PSU cover. Always think about the cable management space because it is a significant benefit and it can always come in handy.

RGB strip light

LED strips

If you want to know how to attach your LED strips to your case and get the maximum illumination or how to change your RGB strips using a remote, do not worry, we will help you to find out. Our warmest recommendation would be the DeepCool RGB 350. It has a pair of twelve-inch RGB strips, and it comes with a remote. These strips are using magnets, so you will mount them in no time.

If you want to use the smart RGB LED lighting solution, it would be better to find something with a control box that you can mount inside of your PC.

Some RGB strip lighting kits come with certain extensions so that you can customize them if you feel the need (check out our top overall picks here). You can even create a rainbow effect due to the fact that the RGBs are individually addressable.

Even the major motherboard vendors have started using these kits to outfit their components with RGB LEDs. Now you can find various motherboards kitted out with lighting. There are even motherboards with LED power headers, and you can plug your RGB strips directly into your motherboard.

LED strip

Along with CPU coolers, fans and RAM, everything can join the RGB lighting party for sure. There are coolers which have RGB LED strips built directly onto the pumps. Even graphic cards are included here because they are now coming outfitted with RGB LED strips too.

If you are new to the RGB lighting, the best thing to do is to search the Internet for some excellent examples and start with something simple. Also, check out what colors match well together. Do a research online about case modding with custom painting. After all, this is all about having some fun while doing something fascinating and significant to your computer so make the best of it.

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