Photo Credit: Razer

We all came to love conventions like CES. Not because of the fresh products that OEM’s are unveiling for the first time but for those crazy concepts. Those are the product that are just pushing the limits of what’s possible. Many of those products stay what they are, a concept but we are hoping that this product won’t. This is Razer’s Project Valerie.

In its essence, Project Valerie is a Razer Blade Pro. Featuring Intel’s core i7 6700HQ, a full desktop version of GTX 1080, 32GB of RAM is just to name a few. But where these two are different is the screen(s). Although this is considered as a gaming laptop, it could potentially replace your mobile workstation that uses a standalone portable monitor. Project Valerie is featuring three 4K displays, two of which are sliding from the middle to the sides.

Razer has published a video of this concept, you can check it out below. We have to admit that this concept really looks amazing.

Obviously, a concept like this draw a lot of attention at CES, but will it make into production is yet to be seen. The only thing concerning is the price tag. Razer is well known for high price tags on their products and being that Razer Blade Pro starts at $3700 Project Valerie (if it ever makes it into production) won’t be for a faint of heart.


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