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B550-vs-B450 AM4 chipset comparison

B550 vs B450 AMD Ryzen Motherboard Chipset Comparison

After AMD released their 3000 series processors alongside their all new X570 Chipset a while ago, we were expecting that their lower tier chipset B550 would be just a few short months away. Well,...
RTX 2060 announced at CES 2019

RTX 2060 is Officially Announced and G Sync Will Work on Free Sync Monitors

CES is one of the more popular tech events throughout the year. This year Nvidia was one of the first to take the stage and sows us something new. Unsurprisingly to everyone that was following...

What’s the Difference Between HDMI and DVI? Which One is Better?

Many people are confused by the abundance of different video cables that you can buy today. If you’re among them, we're here to help you out - we'll be taking a look at the...

NZXT Aer RGB Fans Installation Guide

Are you wondering how can you install your new Aer RGB fans? Before we go any further, it is important to know that these fans were designed to integrate seamlessly with HUE LED controller...
tempered glass cover good choice for your PC

Why is Tempered Glass Cover a Good Choice for Your PC

PC upgraders and manufacturers are always looking for various ways to showcase their handiwork. With all the new technology today, more and more people are opting for stylish PC cases that have advanced features...
Ryzen vs Intel

AMD Could Release 10C/20T Ryzen 7 2800X as a response to Intel’s 9900K

Even though the 2nd-gen AMD Ryzen CPUs were launched earlier in this year, the company's Ryzen 7 2800X is still nowhere to be seen. However, this doesn't mean that it won't be released soon...
AOC E1649FWU LED LCD Monitor

Our AOC E1649FWU Portable Monitor Review for 2018

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the AOC is one of the most well-known electronics companies in the world. Their products are used by millions of people all over the world - especially their monitors and...
AM4 X370 and X470 comparison

AM4 X370 vs. X470 Chipset – How Much Did AMD Improve Their Flagship Chipset?

Almost every AMD fan who had just bought a powerful new Ryzen processor has the same dilemma - which motherboard to go for? Finding the appropriate motherboard for the new Ryzen CPU is even...
AM4 B350 and AM4 B450 comparison

AM4 B350 vs. B450 – How Do the Midrange Ryzen Chipsets Compare?

Since the new Ryzen 2000 CPUs are already here, it was just a question of time when will the new generation of compatible motherboards appear. Only two chipsets have been launched so far -...

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