Enthoo Evolv Shift & Shift X overview for 2017

Phanteks, the Dutch computer hardware company, has decided to expand their Evolv series with two newest PC cases. These are called Shift and Shift X, with both of them combining a high level of functionality with sleek looks and elegance. We’ve decided to take a closer look at these cases and to inspect their features in a single review – even though they have differences, the cases are quite similar to each other. We’re pretty sure that there are many PC enthusiasts who’d like to have one of these in their rooms – if you’re among them, read on!

Interesting Features of the Enthoo Evolv Shift & Shift X

For the price that the smaller model comes at, you would expect quality. And thankfully, the Dutch company delivers – both the front and the back panels of this chassis are made out of thick aluminum. The side panels, on the other hand, are manufactured from thick tinted tempered glass and give the user a nice view of the components. The top and the bottom grilles are made out of plastic, but they’re not flimsy as one would expect. The maximum graphics card length stands at 350mm, and the frontal part of the chassis comes with two USB 3.0 ports.

The Shift X, on the other hand, is 650mm tall but also sports a sleek design like its little brother. Because of its size, this model provides more space for the components. It allows the user to use full-size graphics cards, an ATX power supply (160mm), as well as the water-cooling radiators and additional fans. The case’s back comes with a wide opening for the PSU fan and has some apple room for the routing of the cables through the Power Supply Unit. It features anthracite gray and black colors, giving the model a truly exquisite look. It looks especially good if you lay it down beneath your TV.

Enthoo Evolv Shift & Shift X size comparison image


Dimensions (mm):

  • Shift – 170 x 470 x 274;
  • Shift X – 170 x 650 x 274


  • Shift – 6.6Kg;
  • Shift X – 9.5Kg

Front Panel:

  • Shift & Shift X – Power, RGB,  2 x USB 3.0


  • Aluminum, Steel, Tempered Glass, Plastic

Maximum graphics card length:

  • Shift – 350mm;
  • Shift X – 529mm

Fan Support:

  • Shift – Front 2 x 120mm, Bottom 1 x 120mm, Front 2 x 140mm, Bottom 1 x 140mm
  • Shift X – Front 3 x 120mm, Bottom 1 x 120mm, Front 3 x 140mm, Bottom 1 x 140mm

Pros and Cons of Shift & Shift X


  • Both cases look very sleek and modern
  • Phenomenal build quality
  • Easy assembly process
  • Well-designed side panels


  • Shift has some plastic elements
  • Shift X might be too tall for some users


The new cases from Phanteks are among the sleekest pieces of computer hardware we’ve seen so far, and they’re a perfect choice for PC enthusiasts who like to show off their components. We liked both models – especially the larger model, which is now our favorite ITX case on the market.

Photo Credit: Phanteks

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