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Thermaltake Riing Plus

Thermaltake has always been known as a company that pursues creativity and innovation. Their products are often of the highest quality, and we’re always glad to have them on a review. That’s precisely why we’ve decided to take a more in-depth look at their Riing Plus RGB fans, which are already quite popular with the users.

And the reason behind that is that they feature more lighting profiles than ever before, and also come with an entirely new software interface. Let’s see if they add some extra value over the company’s previous range of RGB LED fans.

Interesting Features of the Thermaltake Riing Plus

As you can see in the title of this article, we had a 5-pack on a review. It is available in both the 120mm and 140mm versions, with the 140mm variant costing an additional $10.

The box that the 5-pack arrived in is more colorful than ever, with its back going over all the necessary details. Upon opening the box, you will find the following items inside – five Thermaltake Riing Plus fans, an adhesive tape with Velcro, power & daisy chain cables, a PWM digital fan hub, as well as the manual and the warranty.

The fans themselves sport an outstanding design, with a huge TT logo, a LED ring, and 12 controllable LEDs that are capable of producing over 16.8 million colors.

image of Riing Plus RGB Software & AppThe blades sport a new, unique design, and are capable of pushing ridiculously high amounts of air while working. Excellent performance is guaranteed, but we were also pleased to find out that they’re quiet, which will be very important to all gaming enthusiasts. The thing that makes this possible is the presence of hydraulic bearing – it self-lubricates and reduces friction.

This also gives the fans a longer lifespan, which is something you certainly want to have at this price. Another thing that we really liked is that the corners feature an anti-vibration mounting system. This protects the edges from the screws by reducing vibration.

The new software, on the other hand, looks very practical and will let you control things like the speed and the lighting effects.

illuminated Thermaltake Riing Plus


  • Type of product: RGB fan

  • Dimensions (mm): 120 x 120 x 25

  • Weight: 160g

  • Speed: 500 – 1500 RPM

  • Max Air Flow: 48.34 CFM

  • Noise: 24.7 dBA


  • High performance
  • Practical software
  • Quiet operation
  • Lots of accessories


  • Expensive
  • Users report shipment problems
Riing Plus installed on a PC case


Even though it’s expensive, we think that this five-pack is absolutely worth the money.

Once again, Thermaltake has managed to manufacture RGB fans that look and work as advertised, sporting a high performance and quiet operation. Not only can they make a real light show out of your system, but also provide an excellent cooling which is, actually, by far the most important thing here.

The included software is yet another thing that makes this package so tempting. It offers control over 12 individual zones and provides the user with a considerable amount of customization. We recommend it!

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