NZXT H series revealed

When it comes to computer hardware, NZXT is undoubtedly one of our favorite companies. The products of this L.A.-based manufacturer are almost always extraordinary, which is exactly why we were pleased to hear the news about their new line of PC cases that feature tempered glass side panels.

The all-new “H” range consists of three models – the H700i, H400i, and H200i, and all of them come with features that are guaranteed to make every PC enthusiast want one of these enclosures under his Christmas tree.

Let’s check out what’s so great about them!

The Main Characteristics of the NZXT H Series


Actually, three different sizes – H200i is a compact mini-ITX model, H400i is the micro-ATX enclosure, while the H700i is a full-sized midi-tower ATX case. All models sport a modern design that’s guaranteed to attract attention.

RGB lights and Fans Controller

They come with the built-in “smart device,” which is, actually, a tool that allows the user to easily control the RGB lights and the fans inside his chassis. These lights and fans are managed through the CAM software that comes together with each chassis, preventing the need to install additional software or specialized hardware.

Build Quality

The cases of the NZXT H series sport a premium-quality build, with steel as the primary material used during construction. There are four color combinations available.

Tempered Glass Panel

As we expected, each chassis comes with a tempered glass side panel, so those who like showing off their components have nothing to worry about.

NYXT H series front and back view image

Cable Management

Fortunately, the guys and girls working at NZXT also took care of the cable management – routing the wires is incredibly easy in these cases.

Water Cooling

The same can be said for the water cooling system solution. Whether you intend to install a pre-configured (All-In-One) or a custom system, you won’t have any problems.

Noise Reduction

With all of these fans and cooling systems, the noise can turn out to be a serious concern. That’s not possible with the cases of the NZXT H series – they come with the adaptive noise reduction function, providing the user with maximum comfort while he’s working or gaming.

H series close-up view image

Installation, Highlights and Pricing

One thing we particularly like here is the fact how easy the whole process of installing the water cooling system is. The NZXT H series cases feature particular carriers that make placing water reservoirs incredibly easy, since finding the right position is effortless with them.

The process of installing HDDs and SSDs, on the other hand, is yet another thing worth praising – the special 2.5″ trays are designed in a way that promotes airflow and removes the mess that appears once all the components are inside the chassis.

The adaptive noise reduction function is probably the highlight of this series, though. The built-in noise sensor uses a special algorithm that learns how and when you use your PC, which makes it capable of reducing the fan noise up to 40%. This feature makes the H-series cases especially convenient for the gamers.

The flagship case, H700i, is available right now for the price of $200, with the H400i and H200i coming at a later date at their respective prices ($150 and $130).

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