Apple iPhone X Impressions
Photo Credit: Digital Trends

First IPhone X unboxing videos have hit the internet today! Much anticipated Apple’s flagship for 2017 is finally here in all of its bezel-less glory.

The contents of the box are standard. iPhone X didn’t have any special treatment in this regard compared to its predecessors, despite its special price tag. Opening the box you’ll find the usual paperwork containing your quick start guide, warranty information, apple stickers, etc…

iPhone X Image
Photo Credit: Apple

Also in the box there are lightning headphones, lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, lightning cable and a charger brick. The downside is that this is a “slow” charger and if you want to utilize fast charging on your iPhone you’ll have to by that charger and cable separately from Apple.

All of that aside, the impressions are greatly positive. The build quality is best in class, the quality we grew to expect from Apple. Rear cameras look quite promising but it’s too early to draw any conclusions at this point.

Check out this awesome video made by Marques Brownlee:

The only thing that concerns us and most likely many of you is the face recognition, better known as Face ID. This is the all new feature that apple is pushing and next to the bezel-less screen is one of most talked about. Will this feature live up to Touch ID that we grow to love and take for granted is yet to be seen. What we can conclude from all this is that 2017 is a great year for smartphones and iPhone X is just the icing on the cake.

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