Meshify C by Fractal Design reviewed
Meshify C

When it comes to PC cases made by this company, two things come to mind – the robust way in which they’re built and their overall attractiveness. That’s why we’ve decided to take a look at Meshify C, Fractal Design’s mid-tower chassis made for those who don’t care much about RGB lighting but just want good airflow around their components. This case features a unique approach to a frontal mesh panel, a great build, as well as all those little things you’ll need in order to build the ultimate gaming machine. Read on and find out everything about it!

Meshify C by Fractal Design left and right side

Interesting Features of the Fractal Design Meshify C

Looking at the frontal part of this chassis, you can immediately notice where its name comes from. It sports a mesmerizing mesh panel that’s surrounded by the thinnest of bezels, and it’s guaranteed to attract some attention. While we’re here, let’s take a look at the I/O panel – there’s the power button, the reset button, the HD Audio jacks, as well as the pair of USB 3.0 ports. The left side is covered with a beautiful tempered glass panel, which is tinted but still offers a good view of the hardware inside.

The back of the case features an exhaust fan (which is adjustable), while the top is covered with a magnetically attached dust filter. The bottom is supported by plastic legs with rubber pads, and between them is one extended dust filter. Once we remove the tempered-glass panel, we can notice how open-air the design of this chassis actually is. The top of the case is wide open, having room for radiators on all sides, while the PSU shroud blocks the view on the bottom.

This open-interior layout easily creates an unobstructed airflow path, which works great when combined with easy-to-clean filters. There’s some 35mm of space behind the case’s motherboard plate for clean cable routing – the cable management is easy in Meshify C. The storage options are flexible, with room for five drives, while the pre-installed 120mm fans deliver good airflow without too much noise.

Meshify C close-up view


  • Dimensions (mm): 217 x 413 x 453

  • Weight: N/A

  • Front Panel: Headphone, Microphone, Power & Reset, 2 x USB 3.0

  • Material: Plastic, Steel, Tempered Glass

  • Maximum graphics card length: 315mm

  • Fan Support: Front – 3 x 120mm, 2 x 140mm; Rear – 1 x 120mm; Top – 2 x 120/140mm; 1 x 120mm

Pros and Cons of Fractal Design Meshify C


  • Simple but attractive design
  • Great styling on the I/O panel
  • SSD mounting plate on the MOBO tray works well
  • No issues with cable management


  • The price is a bit too high
  • Drive cages obstruct the PSU space


This chassis has been built to challenge the most common enthusiast builds, and it does that in a new, refreshing way that’s guaranteed to bring it the popularity that it deserves. In our opinion, the Meshify C is an excellent PC case, and we gladly recommend it.

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