CES 2018 news - AMD and Intel as partners
Intel's partnership with AMD

CES is known for some of the most interesting tech that we can expect in the foreseeable future. And this year is no exception. One of the most interesting news this year is surely Intel’s partnership with AMD. To be more precise Radeon Technologies Group.

8th Gen Intel Core processor
Photo Credit: Intel

Everyone remembers the rumors from a while back about Intel adding Radeon Graphics to their CPU’s which most of us thought were false. Well, it has happened. Intel showed off their new mobile quad-core processor with Radeon Vega graphics using HBM2. The GPU performance of this chip is expected to be similar or better than a Max-Q GTX 1060.

The above mentioned CPU-GPU combo is featured in their all-new Intel Hades Canyon NUC which starts at $799 which is their most powerful NUC by quite a significant margin.

These NUC’s will be available in two different barebones options. The more expensive one is going to be overclockable, and the cooler is expected to be able to dissipate up to a 100W of TDP.

This technology is really a step into the right direction, and we are excited to see what devices end up using these chips.

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