Gigabyte AMD X470 Motherboard
CES 2018 Gigabyte X470

CES is the first Electronics expo of the year, and 2018 promises to bring a couple of game-changers in the industry. One such product was presented by Gigabyte, and it’s the newest AMD X470 Motherboard designed to house the latest Ryzen processors that will hit the market in April later this year.

Features of the Gigabyte AMD X470 Motherboard

This is the first motherboard ever based on the AMD AM4 X470 chipset. It’s quite an improvement to their AX370 Gaming K7 motherboard. The entire system has been redesigned, and it should be able to cope with all AM4 socket processors.

On the first glimpse, the motherboard looks familiar because it has many features we’ve seen before. The motherboard has three PCIe x16 slots that can accommodate 16, 8, and 4 GB of RAM. You can also find 2 extra PCIe x1 slots. The space between the slots has been increased because of the issues people had with their GPUs on the previous MBs.

You can find two M.2 slots in between the PCIe slots. Both M.2 slots are fitted with heat sinks designed to keep everything working in a cool and controlled manner. The slots support both PCIe x4 3.0, and PCIe x4 2.0.

The DeBug code is located right next to the memory slots and the dual BIOS switches. On the back of the motherboard, you can find two USB 3.1 first generation internal headers, and two brand new USB 3.1 Gen2 internal connectors.

What’s New?

Perhaps the biggest improvement of the X470 MB is the VRM heatsinks that are added to lower the working temperature of the components. The previous MB generations featured solid block heatsinks that are also fine, but these new improvements give the product an old-school look that we appreciate. The VRM on the X470 is a 10+2 phase VRM system that’s controlled by the IR35201 PMW controller.

The bottom side of the board has one more large heatsink for the VRM, which keeps it even cooler when working. This is without a doubt one of the best gaming motherboards we’ve ever seen, and all of these heatsinks should make it possible for users to overclock their components substantially. The only problem you could have with this MB is with the spacing, because some coolers may be hard to fit.

The integrated rear I/O also has an old-school look that goes back 20 years. You’ll find all of the usual connectors like the 7.1 audio S/PDIF out, Two USB 3.1 Gen 1 DAC-UP ports, Ethernet connection, a power button and a CMOS button. When it comes to USB ports, there is one 3.1 GEN 2 and one Type-C port, four USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports and a WIFI connector.

Check out this awesome video created by Bitwit:

What’s the Price?

Well, the price for the X470 MB is still kept secret from the public, but all of the features it holds makes us think that it’s going to cost around 250 dollars when it hits the stores later this year in April. All we have to do is wait for AMD to release the 400 chipset with new Ryzen processors.

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