Corsair Obsidian 500D presented on CES 2018
Obsidian 500D

Corsair is without a doubt one of the most respected and trusted names in the PC industry. They are well-known for their tempered glass cases and other custom computer parts like coolers, mechanical keyboards, lapboards and so on.

CES is the first Electronics show of the year, and we were very interested in what Corsair has to show. The list of their products stood up to our expectations, but their best presentation goes to the Corsair Obsidian 500D tempered PC glass case.

Great design – Awesome Aesthetics

The new Corsair cases got everyone excited because they look like something you’d see in Sci-Fi movies. The cases feature the Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA with tempered glass sides, a feature that turned everyone’s head as they passed through the busy Corsair stand.

The angular design elements are a trademark for the SPEC OMEGA PC case line, just like with ALPHA cases. The difference is in the fully opened tempered glass windows on the left side of the case. The entire side is opened from top to bottom, so you get a really nice view of the components inside. The bottom shroud has been removed completely, which improves airflow and makes the building process much simpler.

Check out this amazing video made by Linus Tech Tips:

Obsidian 500D as The Leading Act

The Obsidian 500D was presented in two different versions. Upon purchase, you can decide on how many tempered glass panels you want to have. It means that you can choose to get a version with three aluminum sides or one that has three tempered glass sides (both sides and the front).

The access to the components is super-easy because both versions feature hinged side panels that have magnets installed, so you can forget about those annoying screws. The three-sided tempered glass case is right up our alley; we can’t wait for it to hit the stores. The release date is still unknown, but the prices are speculated to be 149 dollars for the one-sided TG case, and you should prepare 249 bucks for the model with three tempered glass sides and three LL120 RGB fans.

Other Products Presented by Corsair

  • Apart from these PC cases, Corsair also presented their newest wireless mechanical keyboard named K63. The keyboard features blue LEDs, which is not standard for Corsair, but the overall quality and the features are more than satisfying.

  • They also presented new H115i and H150i pro AIO coolers. They are ultra-quiet, and they come with an RGB controller. If you already own previous versions of these coolers, the remote will work, so you don’t need a new one.

  • The newest Dark Core RGB MM1000 Qi Wireless gaming mouse was presented together with the keyboard. The mouse has similar specs as the new Hyperflux line launched by Razor. In fact, it beats it in some categories, taking the leading place at this year’s CES.

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