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The the year 2016 behind us, it’s time to look ahead and see what we can expect in 2017 when it comes to new technology and gadgets.

Goes without saying that we can expect new models of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone, but let’s see some unexpected products due in the next 365 days.


Nintento Switch is a hybrid console that you can use in your living room and on-the-go.

The most interesting thing is the controller, which can adapt to almost anyone due to it’s modular nature. Concrete specifications are yet to be confirmed by Nintendo. Estimates suggest that the console will feature a 6.5″ screen and that it will be touch-enabled. There are some speculations about the price as well, and it’s in the $250-350 range.

More about this interesting news console in upcoming months.


A groundbreaking new OLED TV will be released in 2017 by Panasonic. Shipped in two sizes, 55 and 65 inch, it will be very slim and according to Panasonic it will feature astonishing sound and image quality. CZ950 model was a great thing to look at, and we expect nothing less from the new model.


So far, we liked both Google Pixel and Android Wear. We can’t say that both these products were groundbreaking and astonishing even though they showed promise.

Android wear 2.0 is to be released along with new Ggoogle smartwatch flagship models and according to many experts it will live up to the hype. Specifications are yet to be released by Google.

We can expect to see more about these two models early in 2017.


Project Scorpio is Microsoft’s next generation console capable of delivering VR experience in 4k resolution. According to Microsoft, it will rival even some higher end gaming PCs and it will feature a powerful 8-core CPU.

We did not get any specific information about the new console only that it is scheduled for release sometime around Christmas next year. Something to keep us on our toes during the next 365 days.


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