Ryzen 5 1500x

AMD has released their midrange series named Ryzen 5on ther latest AM4 platform, which is a direct competitor to the Intel’s Core i5, and they’ve delivered once again a great product that is aimed to the wider range of consumers.

Ryzen 5 (and Ryzen 7) both come with 2 CCX units (CPU Complex) which meant that the four cores are attached to an L3 Cache (8 MB of high speed cache), where every core can access to every cache with the same average latency.

Those CCX units communicate with each other over the Infinity Fabric.

AMD SenseMI Technology

Other Feature that they include is AMD SenseMI Technology which is a set of learning and adapting features that customizes processors performance to your needs, and that includes:

  1. PrecisionBoost
  2. Extended Frequency Range
  3. SimultaneousMulti-Threading
  4. Neural Net Prediction
  5. Pure Power
  6. Smart Prefetch

With that being said, I have to mention that the Ryzen 5 comes with great firmware support which is mainly focused on performance improvement.

Now, we can explore individual processors and see what differences they have.

AMD Ryzen 5 1500x

image of Ryzen 1500x unboxedThis is a model with 4 cores and 8 threads that is mainly focused for those who are looking for some budget friendly options, and this is an excellent processor for them.   We can say that this one is a direct competitor to the Intel’s I5 7500 and in the next few weeks we will see how they fare. Next, we will look what they offer in this CPU:


Number of CPU Cores: 4

Number of Threads: 8

Base Clock Speed: 3.5GHz

Max Turbo Core Speed: 3.7GHz

Total L1 Cache: 384KB

Total L2 Cache: 2MB

Total L3 Cache: 16MB

CMOS: 14nm

Package: AM4

Thermal Solution: Wraith Spire

Default TDP / TDP: 65W

The price is now at $189 and we can say that the 1500x has great performance and abilities for its price. This is ideal for midrange users who want to build a quality PC and want to save a few bucks, and to get a great product for that amount of money.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600x

Photo Credit: AMD

This model has a great-combined ratio of efficiency, price and performance for a mainstream CPU, and with that in mind AMD has finally made something that can rock a constant stagnation of Intel’s currently dominant market.


Number of CPU Cores: 6

Number of Threads: 12

Base Clock Speed: 3.6GHz

Max Turbo Core Speed: 4GHz

Total L1 Cache: 576KB

Total L2 Cache: 3MB

Total L3 Cache: 16MB

CMOS: 14nm

Package: AM4

Thermal Solution: Not Included

Default TDP / TDP: 95W

The Price for 1600x is $250 which is great for content creators, gamers and slightly advanced users that require more stability and performance than the average user.


In the battle of the red and blue team, AMD has finally launched a series that meets the expectations of PC users. A slight lesser performance in games compared to Intel’s i5 series is negligible taking in to account the potential that Ryzen 5 has for aspiring content creators and professional users.

All in all, AMD really hit the sweet spot with price to performance. We definitely recommend this products!


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