The battle between Free Press and TV Everywhere

The modern technology is growing and evolving on a daily basis; it’s a known fact. However, other problems emerge on the surface thanks to the rapid growth of hi-tech. One of the issues is that the cable network has a potential to monopolize the TV Everywhere concept. Even though people who made it said that this accusation is completely false, Free Press doesn’t believe them. So, they’ve decided to conduct an investigation and determine whether something shady is going on behind the curtain.


What is TV Everywhere?

It is a pretty simple concept. If you ever heard about Netflix or Hulu, it’s the same thing with slightly different elements. For example, this service offers a vast amount of video material free of charge for people who are subscribed to a multichannel video programming service (regardless if it’s provided by satellite, telephone, or cable companies.) In simpler words, you can watch whatever you want, as long as you’re connected to the Internet and have subscribed to one of the providers.

The benefits of this service are pretty obvious. First of all, the amount of quality content would increase by a lot. Also, the independent Federal Communications Commission agency believes that this service can speed up the broadband adoption across the United States, which is great because it affects the digital literacy of the whole nation.

What seems to be the problem?

Well, people from Free Press believe that it would shut down and “kill” video content creators because the service is only going to be available to premium members and cable subscribers. However, the makers of TV Everywhere disagree with that theory. In fact, they believe that it’s going to motivate the video creators to produce more material at no extra charge for the consumers.

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Furthermore, the TV Everywhere software encourages collaboration between a content company and the distributors. In other words, it involves a large group of competing networks which distribute their projects via television, satellite, and the Internet. It is a transparent way to do business, and as the online video market evolves more and more companies and content creators will arrange bilateral agreements between themselves. Collaboration even among competitors is crucial because it leads to new projects, products, and technical innovations for the consumers. And, as we all know, satisfied customers are the foundation of a successful business.

A vast majority of programmers rely on subscription fees to stay financially viable and stable, that’s nothing new nor is it wrong, it’s the way things work.

Final words

As much as Free Press would like to jeopardize and slow down the project with unfounded accusations, it’s highly unlikely. The whole concept is rapidly expanding and acquiring more and more users on a daily basis. The technology is here, all we have to do is motivate and encourage content creators to produce more high-quality stuff. Nothing motivates a person better than revenue from user subscriptions. As we said, the collaboration between content companies and cable providers is one of the crucial elements for a successful platform.