Did you ever lose your phone somewhere and you couldn’t find it again? What if we told you that you could track it in a number of ways and get it back quickly?

Read on to find out more details on how to find your lost phone.

You are having a fun night in town with a couple of your friends, and the glasses of campaign keep coming to your table. Everyone is singing and having fun until the time comes for all of you to go home. You get in front of your door, and while you are looking for your keys, you realize that your phone is missing. This has probably happened to you at least once, but don’t get desperate, you can find your phone, no matter where it is.

Android phones

If you are an owner of an Android phone, the Android Device Manager will help you find it in no time. All you need to do is to grab a computer or another Android smartphone, open Chrome and log into your Google account. Type “where is my phone” in the Omnibox and click on the Android Device Manager link. The app will track your phone immediately, and you’ll get all the info like the location, the time it was located, and the accuracy of the tracking.

IOS and iPhones

Apple has thought about people losing their phones, and that’s why they’ve added the Find My iPhone as a native feature of every device. The locating process is fast and easy. Just get another iOS device or a computer and track the phone with the app. The biggest drawback of this method is that your phone has to be powered and connected to the internet for it to work. Log into your iCloud and click on the Find my iPhone feature. You will then see a map with the location of your phone. If you want, you can send a message to the phone to delete all the data.

Finding family members

Now, this is a unique little app we just have to take a look at. The Family Locator is an app that allows you to create a group phone tracking service for all your family members. Of course, the purpose of the app is to quickly find lost phones when someone from your household can’t find theirs. In reality, most people (read dads) use this app to see where their kids or suspicious-acting wives head on when they say they are going to the mall or the gym. They won’t be able to hide because the app always shows you exactly where everyone’s at. Neat, don’t you think?

Phone tracking is really easy

As you can see, there are very easy and simple ways you can use to find out the location of your lost phone, or family member. Even the police use these apps to apprehend criminals and thieves. A couple of years back, this type of tracking was science fiction, but today, finding your lost phone is easy as it gets. However, you should try not to lose it in the first place.


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