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Many of people keep asking themselves: nook vs kindle? Which one should I choose? Which one brings more to the table and how can I make sure I made the right decision? Well, after reading this article, not only that you will get a more comprehensive image, but you will also be able to make the decision and pick the one for you. Read more and find everything you needed to know!

Kindle Paperwhite vs NookGlowLight – Let The Fight Begin!

Screen Size

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In terms of screen size, both of these products are exactly the same. The screen size of 6 inches seems like the appropriate size for ebook readers manufacturers, which makes it easy to read the book and see the page perfectly. Still, it is not too big, so it will fit just about any bag or lady purse and fit comfortably in your hand while reading.

Pixel Density

Pixel density is also the same with both Kindle Paperwhite and NookGlowLight, and so far they seem like the same product, but hold on! The differences between them are about to come!

Screen Resolution

With screen resolution of 1440 x 1080 Kindle Paperwhite is ever so slightly ahead of the game. Nook GlowLight has pretty similar resolution, and almost certainly even your eye would not notice the difference between GlowLight’s 1430 x 1080 and Kindle’s 1430 x 1080.

Waterproof And Dustproof

On the other hand, only one of these products guarantees waterproof safety as well as dustproof safety, and that product is (drum rolls, please) Nook GlowLight! While, no one in their right mind would even think of throwing their Kindle in the water on purpose, it definitely comes as a relief to know that even if it does come in some sort of contact with water, your Nook GlowLight could take that on. If you are particularly clumsy with your ebook readers, perhaps disregard Kindle and go straight for Nook GlowLight.


As for the gray scale, with both products it is 16-level grayscale.

Front Light

Both products have front light, which makes reading easier and pleasant on the eye.


It is difficult to imagine an ebook reader without a touchscreen and both of the products share this characteristic.


In terms of weigh, Nook GlowLight with its 195g is ever so slightly lighter than Kindle Paperwhite with its 205g. Whether 10 grams make any sort of a difference is for the users to see.


They also offer the exact same storage space, 4GB each.


In terms of price, Nook GlowLight is just a bit more expensive, being sold at the price of $129.99. Kindle Paperwhite is sold at $119.99

See this amazing video made by The eBook Reader

The Outcome:

When you put down all the specs on the paper, or screen in our case, it becomes clear that only by $10 difference in price you can get a slightly lighter, newer model that is of the exact same quality, and the fact that it is dustproof and waterproof only further affirms its case – so, the winner is Nook GlowLight! But, you would not be making a huge mistake if you go for Kindle Paperwhite as well.

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