The importance of good Internet connection for a better education

Digital literacy is mandatory in the modern age. The end of the 20th century brought great technological wonders upon us, and we should use every chance that we get to improve the quality of our general education. A vast number of companies joined the ConnectED program, which is a partnership project that has one goal – to connect 99% of schools in the United States to a broadband network within five years. Barack Obama devoted quite a lot of resources for this concept, which is a good thing considering that education is one of the most important elements of a successful nation.


The benefits of broadband network

Needless to say, the advantages of a broadband network are enormous. First of all, it allows students to communicate with each other instantly and without much hassle due to high bandwidth speeds. Teachers also have an opportunity to widen their curriculum and offer a deeper insight into a particular matter, thanks to the broadband network.

Being connected comes with very few downsides. One of the major ones is the vulnerability of the technology. For example, a malware that has been uploaded to a network of computers can cause severe consequences. However, there’s little to worry about because most of the school computers tend to have licensed anti-malware programs. Furthermore, teachers can always restrict certain websites, IPs, and general access to potentially hazardous sites.

Taking full advantage of digital learning

Although it’s great to have high-speed connections in public schools, home use is the element that’s going to make this quest worth the invested money. Students simply need high-speed connections both in schools and homes to stay in touch with their progress, colleagues, and the Internet in general.

It is also an excellent opportunity for families with a tight budget to improve their connection speed. Luckily, the Cable industry encourages families with low income by lowering the price of the service as much as possible. There are numerous social programs such as “Connect to compete” through which low standing families apply for low-cost Internet and affordable computers in the area. In simpler words, you can apply and find good offers even if you’re struggling with finances.

notebookImproving our digital literacy

If you’re wondering why you should amp your computer literacy to a new level, the reason is simple – the Internet is full of shady corners, frauds, and fake people. Thousands of American citizens have been lured into fraudulent activities without even realizing that they’re a part of it. Well, ConnectED program offers a simple yet effective solution – if we improve our people’s digital literacy, we’ll have fewer individuals falling for Internet frauds.

Also, it’s important that our children learn how to use the digital tools adequately.

Safer times await us

The Cable network cooperates with many organizations which promote the idea of digital literacy improvement. It means that they have the power to advertise the program through different sources and widen the advertising element.

ConnectED’s goal is to educate and connect American children and people who can’t quite comprehend the modern era.