The average Internet speed in the US is steadily growing

Some recent reports revealed that there is a 28% increase in average US broadband speeds, including the slight bump of 2.3% in 2012. This data improves the overall global standing and pushes the United States into 8th place for the fastest Internet on a global level. The average bandwidth in the US is currently 31.5 Mbps.


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It is difficult for the US to achieve a good rating because of its size. For example, eight states in the US which are similar in size with developed countries such as Japan and South Korea rank quite high when it comes to broadband speeds. However, because analysts count the US as a whole, it jeopardizes the position on the ranking lists, and that’s why America holds the 8th place instead of being in the top three countries.


Also, the size of America makes it difficult to deliver broadband in every corner of the country, especially in rural areas. Countries that don’t have a clustered population have lower results. The good news is that the speed difference between densely populated and rural places isn’t that big, in fact, it’s less than 2 Mbps.

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The most important thing is that the future is bright. There are no indications that the gradual increase of bandwidth speeds will ever stop in America, at least not yet. Because cable operators tend to modernize and improve the technology often, the overall increase is inevitable.